Building your website can be difficult.  Whether it’s arguing with a designer about representing your ideas properly or the hassle of jumping through hoops to have your site updated, the process can be a headache.

Maven Web Design’s goal is simple: telling the world about yourself shouldn’t be so complicated.  From start to finish, Maven designers will work with you to create a website that is customized for you!  Regardless of your comfort level with technology or whether you’ve ventured into the web design realm before, we’ll make your experience painless and stress-free.

Maven can provide everything and anything you need to build your e-presence.  From complete graphic design options to customized web features, we can do it all for you in-house.  That means your concepts get translated to your website without any middle man.  Our designers will work hand-in-hand with you to make sure your site is what it should be: the best representation of YOU on the web.

Our sites, affectionately called creations, are living, breathing pages.  Stale content & out-dated designs lead visitors to think the same is true about your business or organization.  Maven’s modern, clean & bold designs will grab your potential customers or organization members from their first click.

What can be included in your creation?  Maven’s services include:

Website Design

Graphic Design

Media Integration

Stable Hosting  & E-mail

Website Marketing & Search Engine Optimization

Personalized Customer Support

On-site & IT Support