Our sites, affectionately called creations, are living, breathing pages.  Stale content & out-dated designs lead visitors to think the same is true about your business or organization.  Maven’s modern, clean & bold designs will grab your potential customers or organization members from their first click.

One-clickability is a concept developed specifically by Maven Web Design.  Simply put, it’s the idea that your content should never be more than one click away from your website’s visitors.  Answers to your client’s questions shouldn’t be hard to find and websites shouldn’t be hard to navigate.  Stop over complicating the process -- make it simple.

Modern, Clean Designs
Maven creations are meant to speak to the wide audience of the web 2.0.  Our designs are clean and utilize contrast between stark, white spaces.  Our menus are not intricate and our code is not burdensome.  Our aim is to make browsing your website a fantastic experience!

Bold Color Schemes
Colors, gradients, fonts, graphics – they all make a difference.  Maven works with our clients to custom build a full-site color scheme that speaks to their imagination.  Menus, buttons, pages and graphics should all work together to make your site that much more appealing.

First Impressions Matter
First impressions don’t come from store fronts anymore – they come from web browsers. Let Maven help craft your e-home.

Interested in learning how Maven Wed Design can help you express yourself?  Visit our Contact Us page by clicking here.