Chances are, if you’re looking to create a web site, Maven Web Design has the same story as you.  We began as a side project – a passion.  What started as a hobby turned into something that we were proud to attach our name to.  After years of developing web sites for friends & relatives, Maven Web Design became its own branded entity.

We are a family business and are proud to keep our roots close to the ground.  Our personal investment in our product means each site we develop has a one-of-a-kind feel and an individual touch.  When you decide to work with Maven, you’re working with real people, real designs and a real attention to detail.  There is no substitute.

Founder & Lead Designer
Joshua Greenbaum

Joshua’s passion for graphic and web-based design developed at an early age, beginning computer-based desktop publishing and design at the technology’s infancy and when he was in grammer school.  His technological advances came as an answer to a growing demand for his services throughout his college & post-college career.

As a full-time employee of Temple Har Shalom, a Reform congregation in Warren, NJ, Josh works as Vice Principal as well as the Network/IT & Website Manager.  Originally asked to give the congregation’s website a quick “revamp”, Josh has spent the past five years managing, redesigning and maintaining  This experience has allowed Josh invaluable insight into the technological and web-based needs of a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

Josh has also spent the past 13 summers at Camp Harmony in Warren, NJ, a family-owned day camp serving close to 400 campers since 1926.  Josh’s re-design of was a watershed for Maven Web Design and has allowed experiments with bold color schemes and a large amount of fluid content.

Josh lives in Westfield, NJ with his fiancé, Elyse.

To contact Josh, feel free to e-mail him at